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Callie Wootson Moss

Born: December 1, 1884 to Joe Henry and Abby Wootson. She married Bill Moss II. She was devoted to the Union Holiness Church, where she served her entire lifetime. As the church secretary she recorded the first minutes. She was the Teacher and Educator of the area school which was held in the Church daily. She endured the conflicts and suffering of the Church at separation. Her faith in God was steadfast and unmovable. She remained totally committed and was given the Bible name of Sarah Love Devine. She became the devout leader of the original Union Holiness Church. Her favorite saying was "It's Holiness or Hell." She died peaceably on August 3, 1954, inside the Union Holiness Church, as she prophesied that she would after singing Hymn #432 "CM On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand". Shortly after her death the doors of that Church closed forever. Her teaching and the Holy Bible, for discipline, is preserved in our hearts and is being passed on today.

(early photo)