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Marnice Parker Address 904-772-9741 Marniceparker@comcast.net Great Grand-daughter of Bill Moss II
Mary Moss Simpson Address 607-732-7772   Daughter of Luke Moss
Metreice Simmons Address 770-210-9602 ladytreice@yahoo.com Grand-daughter of Letha Ann Moss-Simmons
Michael Jones Address 301-292-2784 jones_business@msn.com
Great Grandson of Bill Moss II
Michael Moss   404-876-7515 mmoss7@excite.com Great Grandson of Matthew Moss Sr
Mildred Glover Address 607-733-6700 mglover@stny.rr.com Grand-daughter of Luke Moss
Molly Cooper Address 410-551-5834 Coopersantafe@aol.com Great Grand-daughter of Bill Moss II
Ophelia Moss Clark   678-422-7163 elzieo@netzero.com
Grand-daughter of Luke Moss
Pamela Moss Address 305-238-6269 pam@beepositive.com Grand-daughter of Bill Moss II
Patrena Ramey Address 770-784-9009 doeramey@gmail.com Polish Moss
Patricia Jones
Address 703-922-8031 Jonespat26@aol.com
Great Grand-daughter of Bill Moss II
Preston Smith
Address 313-835-8547 smith_preston@hotmail.com Grandson of Matthew Moss Sr
Reba Moss-Martin
Address 607-732-1019 martinr2@corning.com Grand-daughter of Luke Moss
Renee Moss Bangura Address 301-277-3624 renee5513@yahoo.com Grand-daughter of Luke Moss
Rosevelt (Rasool) Moss Address 770-912-1304 rasoolmalik@hotmail.com Grandson of Bill Moss II
Roy Moss Address 678-344-2354 br_moss@hotmail.com Grandson of Luke Moss
Mr. Ruby Gene West Address 706-689-3099 Rubywest4@aol.com Grandson of Letha Ann Moss-Simmons
Sharletta King-Moss Address 313-585-5732 Phenomenalgyrl@aol.com Great Grand-daughter of Polish Moss
Sylvester Menefee Jr. Address 301-577-3979 BuddyLove@aol.com Great Grandson of Bill Moss II
Teresa Moss Hayes Address 770-736-3543 teresa_hayes@palmercay.com Grand-daughter of Matthew Moss Sr
Theadeus Jones, Jr
Address 301-595-3305 Thad51@aol.com Great Grandson of Bill Moss II
Theo Woods Address 954-274-4055 mrwoods72@hotmail.com Great Grandson of Bill Moss II
Theodore 'Billy' Strachan Address 954-961-2468 TSPM2000@hotmail.com Great Grandson of Jack Moss
Timothy Simmons Address 216-451-8021 timmis50@hotmail.com Grandson of Bill Moss II
Tina Moss Mathis Address


mathis20042000@yahoo.com Great Grand-daughter of Bill Moss II
Trudie Parham Address 229-273-3552 tdparham59@yahoo.com Grand-daughter of Letha Ann Moss-Simmons
Tyde Moss Wells Address 607-734-2775 Tyde610@yahoo.com Grand-daughter of Luke Moss
Ursula Relaford
Address 770-997-2477 Ursula.Mims-Relaford@ssa.gov Great Grand-daughter of Bill Moss II
Verlyn Simpson
Address 301-773-0880 vsimpson@ziplip.com Grandson of Luke Moss
Vivian Moss Address 585-436-6146 vmoss1@rochester.rr.com
Spouse of Milton Moss

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