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Bill Moss I

"He fixed shoes and if he could not fix them, then they could not be fixed. He loved to ride a bike and he rode it all the way to town."
-remembered by William Lee Moss, Grandson

Eliza Webster Moss (spouse)
Sons - Bill II, Jack, Luke, Mark, Matthew & Polish
Daughters - Clora, Easter, Elizabeth, Leth Ann, Maeliza, Maggie & Rosie


Bill Moss II

Born: September 27, 1888
He acknowledged Christ at an early age and served faithfully in whatever capacity that he could. He was known for his outgoing personality and happy demeanor. (Died: March 10, 1976)

Callie Wootson Moss (spouse)
Sons - Bill III, John, Paul, Willie, Eldin
Daughters - Mozell, Callie Nell, Sarah, Mary, Osier Vell

Jack Moss




Hattie Taylor Moss (spouse)
Sons - Sam, Charlie, John, Elisha
Daughters- Mary, Racheal, Sally, Liza, Rosa

Luke Moss

Born: 1905 in Fitzgerald, Georgia and came to Elmira, NY in 1955. He spent his early years there working as a sharecropper. (See original documents for a report in the Star-Gazette Sunday Telegram of November 6, 1983.) He was an Associate Pastor at St. Paul's Missionary Baptist Church and a retired employee of Clute Motor Company. (Died: November 4, 1983)

Ella Mae Moss (spouse)
Sons- Mack, Robert, Jimmie Lee, Henry, Roy, Luke, John, Jace, Rainey Gene, Conway, and Lonnie
Daughters- Mary, Dorothy & Beatrice

Mark Moss



Annie Sanders Exum (spouse)
Sons - Nathaniel, Amos, James, Monroe, Jaras, Jimmie Lee, and James A.
Daughters -Annie, Mildred, Evelyn, and Maggie

Matthew Moss Sr.

Born: February 14, 1899 - in Ben Hill County, Georgia. He joined the Union Holiness Church, founded by his mother, Liza Moss. Married Ida Mae Pace in 1919. (Died: May 21, 1994)

Ida Mae Moss (spouse)
Sons- William Lee, James Clinton, Cephas, Harvey, Milton, Matthew, Samson
Daughters - Eunice, Annie B., Pearl, Lizzie, Lucille, Mary, Amy, Rutha Lee, and Nora Lee

Polish Moss

Born: September 30, 1896 - in Ben Hill County, Georgia. Married Cora Pace who died in 1943. He later married Mary Zanders. (Died: August 15, 1975)

Mary Zanders (spouse)
Sons - George, Paul, Silas, Sinclair, Rayfield, Daniel, and Emery
Daughters - Mabel, Essel, and Betty


Clora Moss



Sons -
Daughters -

Easter Moss



Sons -
Daughters -

Elizabeth Moss



Sons -
Daughters -

Letha Ann Moss-Simmons

Born: 1912 - in Georgia. (Died: 1986)



W. C. Simmons (spouse)

Sons - Cleme T, Kirby, Dave, Otis, Johnny, Robert Lee, and James
Daughters - Mary, Bernice, and Ruby

Maeliza Moss



Sons -
Daughters -

Maggie Moss



Sons -
Daughters -

Rosie Moss



Sons -
Daughters -

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