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Robert L. Moss

Born October 24, 1930, he moved to Elmira in 1959 where he began a car detailing business in his garage on Clinton street. He worked there for approximately 4 years when he decided it was time to grow. He later became the owner and operator of Bob's Car Wash on E. Church Street. He was one of the first black men to own a business in the city of Elmira.

He was very well known throughout the community not only for his business but also for his high tenor voice. He was a person that did not believe in being idle and made sure he kept busy at all times. If he wasn't working on cars he was on the fiishing bank, which was his hobby. Although he retired from Van Brunt Motors and Simmons-Rockwell he continued to work out of his garage on Norton Street. (Died: May 16, 1999)

Betty (Ida) (spouse)
Sons - Robert Jr., Jay, & Garrett
- India, & Bonnie

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