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Independently The core of the church

At Crisp Ga. Aug.29 1897 Irwin County

The Union Holiness Brethern and Sister met at the house of Bro. George Rushings. For the purpose of organizing the Union Holiness Church on the Basic of morality and vertuality.
We the committee met at the house of Bro George Rushing on the 29.day of Aug.1897
Thus the house was called to order. By Bro Jonah Davis who was appointed chairman of the committee. Bro Jonah Davis ask that a hym .be sung.Bro G.H. Rushing was appointed to open service.

He open by singing a hymn S.M. page 240 No 344 A charge to keep I have etc.
Prayer was offered by Sis. Eliza Moss . After which we sang a hymn CM. On Jordan Stormy bank I stand page325 No 432.

The house Being called to order by Bro Jonah Davis
The first thing on Docket was calling the roll of the committee.

Bro. R Pitts
" G H Rushing
" L L Lewis
" WM moss
Sis Eliza Moss
" Mamie Rushing
Bro. Jonah Davis ask the committee Their object for calling this meeting
Statement of Bro. Pitts
To lift up fallen humanity and organize on the principals of morality and virtuality.
Bro.Jonah Davis the chairman ask in what way shall we do this.
The committee stated By cutting off taxation and the habits of sending our young
Women and girls out on the public to beg money for us.
The entire committee stated this was their object and each of the committee arose and testified to the same thing. This were their object and consent of the committee.
The chairman wanted to know on what faith and order did they wish to build.

Bro.R Pitts arose and stated to the chairman of the committee
We the committee have agreed to abandon all manuscrips Faiths and orders and take the bible for our dicipline.

I The chairman of the committee Board of the committee ask for the bible rules and decipline.We want a free union holiness church with out faith and orders. We the Union
The chairman asked for the principals of the union holiness church.
We the committee began to state the principals.
Bro. Pitts was requested to out line the principals of the agreement of the committee.
1.We agree to cut of taxations
2.We have no Big I or little U
3.We agree to preach the gospel to all men alike. Teaching them to observe all things what so ever the Lord hath command us The Lords promise Lo I shall be with you all ways even to the end of the world. Amen
4. We cut off conferences.
5. We carry a poor treasure
6. We carry no secret society man or woman
7. We carry no man want pay his just and honest debts.
8. We carry no Script
9. We carry no drunkard
10.We carry no man with 2 wives
11.We carry no unclean person
12. We agree to adminster the Lords Supper and wash feet monthly.
13. We agree to preach the gospel to all people alike.
14. We Baptize by emerse.
15.We have taken the Bible for our decipline.
On the 29 day of our Lord 1897 Aug. Irwin County Chrisp Ga.

All committee testified to this end. After the rules were composed and read we sang a hymn . LM.Go preach my Gospel saith the Lord. Bid the whole earth my Grace receive.etc.after singing prayer was offered by Bro, Pitts. Pray was made in defince of the that the Lord bless the church for ever and ever. Amen

Bro. W.M. Moss
" L.L. Lewis Dea.
G H Rushing Sec.
A copy was preserve by Bro R Pitts by the devine power of god. From Aug. 29. 1897 till 1919 copied by Callie Moss May 15 1922 The Union Holiness church been organize 24 years. I thank God for preserving and protecting the Church. Amen

In 1919 a copy was sent to Washington D.C . By Callie Moss. To President Woodrow Wilson During the 1st worlds war.

Copied again after the death of G,C.Sapp. and the seperation of his people.
July14 1949 30 years later

Sarah Love Devine Sec.
Been organize 52 years